Welcome to the homepage of bicomer! We are a young founding team in the field of

biotechnology and biobased materials.




The bio-based economy is on worldwide rise. The increasing demand for bio renewable materials offers the chance for new innovations in industrial biotechnology. Especially, Germany´s economy is driven by innovation and has an outstanding role in research and development of high quality products.


We noticed that results from research in academia are rarely implemented in the market leading to useful products. However, discussions with industry often indicate the demand and application of such research results. We are aware that both the product development and market placement can take some time. Germany is based on innovations and therefore asks for inventions and new products to sustain its international status.


It is the responsibility of both young and advanced scientists to bring innovations into the regional markets. We are a team of young scientists that would like to support the national and local economy. Both our passion for science and the responsibility towards society motivates us to apply our knowledge for useful products in daily life.




We are participating in G-BiB! The global bio-based business competition for Master and Ph.D. students  stimulates entrepreneurship and innovations in the field of life sciences.